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Burn the Fat Exercises - A 10 Minute Workout That Burns Fat

http://oliviawilliams035.soup.io 3) Inverted Rows

1) Prisoner Squats

How do you lose fat in only ten minutes?

In the first set of this workout, you'll go through it easy. This is the warm up.

So let's review a short fat burning workout. This is a10-minute body sculpting workout that combines a warm-up, strength http://nyweightloss.com/ training, and interval training all into one. A bodyweight training session will work best in this case.


Perform 25% of the maximum number of reps you can do for each exercise. So if you can do 20 pushups, do only 5. Then you'll do as many circuits as you can in the remainder of the 10 minutes. Just go back-to-back-to-back on these 3 exercises. You can rest after the inverted rows for 30 seconds if necessary, but that's it.

The long term results of your workouts occur outside of the gym. rather than during the workout. That's why the before-mentioned "increased metabolism" is so important. If you put the right stress on your muscles in 10-minutes, you can increase your body's fat burning capabilities.


2) Pushups

And you don't have time for isolation work, like biceps. Instead, you need to hit three large muscle groups on the body for maximum metabolism boosting: push muscles, pull muscles, and legs. By doing so, you'll hit all the other muscle groups at the same time. The 10 minute workout would be as follows:

Let's face it, some days you just don't have enough time for your workout or you are on the road and don't have access to your normal facilities. There is a solution; you can do a 10 minute bodyweight workout to jumpstart the fat burning process for that day. By now, I'm sure you're asking...

You'll be pleasantly surprised with how you feel at the end of the 10-minutes. And your metabolism will be elevated for a much longer period.

You can learn some basic workouts described below that crank your metabolism and help you burn calories when you are not exercising.

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